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3D-Coat offers a full pipeline of professional tools and mastering it all with the included user-manual can take a lot of time and effort. Realizing that, Pilgway are eager to offer an array of ready-made video tutorials to facilitate the 3D-Coat learning process and helping you understand the work of the tools and interface in every detail.
The tutorials presented on this page have been created by 3rd parties, so if you've made a good tutorial you would like to submit for sales, please contact us and we'll be happy to review.


Speedtree Plant Life Collections With 3D-Coat & Houdini

(by Chris Maynard)

In the world of Computer Graphics, there are difficult tasks which need to be solved. However, for each hard way, there is potential for an easier way.  Most of the time, you get what you put into a project, and time spent usually increases quality, but there can be a few helpful methods to expand your time constraints so that you can get more detail into your work. In this video, we build groups of various plant life in one location. By using Collections inside of Speedtree, we are able to mix and maneuver various types of digital foliage so that it can be used for hero shots. We also cover how to sculpt, paint, UV different landscape outcrops, and also go over the exporting of Alembic data so that it can be used in a 3D Rendering package. In our case, we'll use Houdini, however, our project data will work with any 3d app that supports Alembic. This video can be expanded upon by the user to create much richer environments by continuing the steps laid out for you.

3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users: Auto-Retopology, Retopology, UV Mapping

(by Adam Gibson)


In this volume on the new Autoretopology tool in 3D Coat 3.5 basic and advanced uses of the Auto-Retopology tool are demonstrated in great depth.  Workflow application and pipeline use are shown with regards to how to combine Lightwave's Modeler tools with 3D Coat's standard retopology tool set to correct Auto-Retopology glitches, gotchas, errors and limitations.  With the methods included in this video you will learn how create clean retopologized meshes for use in Lightwave or other 3D packages.

The video starts off with how to use the Auto-Retopology tool and then finishes with a full hands on project on a rhinoceros model/mesh that needs to be retopologized and exported to Lightwave 3D.



3D-Coat Video Training:Voxel Sculpting|Hard Surface Compendium

(by Javis Jones)


This set contains the entire KitBashing series, the Auto Retopology for Hard Surfaces video AND the Merge Tool Essentials set! You can get them all together for a discount price. With this set we cover the entire creation of the SciFi Space Ship with voxels from beginning to end, the merge tool itself as well as the creation of objects for use with the merge tool and how to auto retopologize the SciFi Space Ship.

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