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N ID English Spanish
4001 ShowPenShape_HINT add translation
4002 ShowPenShape Show Brush shape curve add translation

1. Mostrar la forma de la curva del pincel

4003 PenCircleColor_HINT add translation
4004 PenCircleColor Brush circle color add translation
4005 PenShapeColor_HINT Color of the pen curve. This color will be used for the dot in CAPS LOCK mode. add translation
4006 PenShapeColor Brush shape curve color add translation
4007 PenShapeColorWithCTRL_HINT add translation
4008 PenShapeColorWithCTRL Brush shape curve color with CTRL add translation
4009 PenShapeColorWithSHIFT_HINT add translation
4010 PenShapeColorWithSHIFT Brush shape curve color with SHIFT add translation
4011 ShowCentralSpotInCapsMode_HINT add translation
4012 ShowCentralSpotInCapsMode Show central dot in CAPS mode while drawing add translation
4013 MessageAbovePen_HINT add translation
4014 MessageAbovePen Message above Brush add translation

1. Monsaje por encima del pincel

4015 MessageBelowPen_HINT add translation
4016 MessageBelowPen Message below Brush add translation

1. Mensaje por debajo del pincel

4017 MessagesColor_HINT Color of the messages below or above the pen add translation

1. Color de los mensajes mostrados por encima o por debajo del pincel

4018 MessagesColor Messages color add translation

1. Color de los mensajes

4019 Opacity Opacity add translation

1. Opacidad

4020 Specularity Specularity add translation

1. Especularidad

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