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N ID English French
1201 ENCODING ENCODING add translation

2. UTF8
(Andrew Shpagin)

(Frenchy Pilou)


(Frenchy Pilou)

1203 Lock Lock add translation

1. Verrouiller
(Frenchy Pilou)

1204 SHOW_SYMM_PLANE Show symmetry plane add translation

1. Montre le plan de symétrie
(Frenchy Pilou)

1205 Language Language add translation

1. Langue
(Frenchy Pilou)

1206 Navy Navy add translation

1. Navigo
(Frenchy Pilou)

1207 SHOW_NAVY Navigator add translation

1. Navigateur
(Frenchy Pilou)

1208 SHOW_NAVY_HINT Display the navigation bar add translation

1. Montrer la barre de navigation.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1209 Presets Presets add translation

1. Prédéfinis
(Frenchy Pilou)

1210 ADD_PRESET Add preset add translation

1. Ajouter prédéfini
(Frenchy Pilou)

1211 ADD_PRESET_HINT Save the current Alpha/Strip/Fill/Smart Material state to a preset add translation

Outdated: 1. Stocker l'état courant dans le prédéfini pen/strip/filler/material.

(Frenchy Pilou)

1212 StorePenShape_HINT Save this Alpha add translation

1. Stocker la forme du stylet.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1213 StorePenShape Alpha add translation

1. forme du stylet
(Frenchy Pilou)

1214 StoreStrip_HINT Save the strip shape to a file add translation

1. Stocker la forme de la bande.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1215 StoreStrip strip shape add translation

1. forme de la bande
(Frenchy Pilou)

1216 StoreRadius_HINT Save the brush radius add translation

1. Stocker le rayon du stylet.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1217 StoreRadius radius add translation

1. rayon
(Frenchy Pilou)

1218 StoreDepth_HINT Save the brush depth add translation

1. Stocker la profondeur du stylet.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1219 StoreDepth depth add translation

1. profondeur
(Frenchy Pilou)

1220 StoreFocal_HINT Save the focal shift settings add translation

1. stocker la zone d'action.
(Frenchy Pilou)

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