- Revolutionary to the Industry! Auto-retopology, (AUTOPO), with user defined guides for accurate edge loops. Use a convenient wizard to help you identify desired areas of mesh density and to define the flow of edge loops.

- Non-connected objects are supported.

- Import you objects directly for AUTOPO from the "File/Import" menu. It will automatically close holes, convert to voxels, and create a practical, organized mesh.

- AUTOPO automatically cleans up any non-manifold topology to avoid any subsequent problems.

- Total number of triangles, quads and n-gons are visible in the Retopo Room. Each polygon type can be individually selected, for clarification and identification.

- Vertex picking in retopo room has been improved.


Manual retopology tool set:

Watch this short demo:


"Retopo creature in 3d Coat"

See live demo of manual retopology made by Juan Carlos Montes (