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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00014602   [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majorfeedback (Andrew)2014-05-18Imported .obj is modified when using subdivision
  000058132 [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-05-17Add a "linked layer" icon to layer line (Icon attached)
  00004922   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-05-17REAL Ambient Occlusion, please
  0001499    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpting with voxels (Sculpt room)
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-05-15UNDO ignores assitent tools like mask changes
  00013908   [3D-Coat v4]
Sculpting on surface (Surface mode in Voxel room)
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-05-14Freeze tool in surface mode gives ugly artifacts.
  00014392   [3D-Coat v4]
Sculpting with Live Clay
tweakassigned (Andrew)2014-05-14General LC brush "draw on plane"
  0001495    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpting with voxels (Sculpt room)
tweakassigned (Andrew)2014-05-14Curve tool: Control points center does not snap to grid
  0001268    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majorassigned (Andrew)2014-05-12Loading color palette results in disappearing presets
  0001417    [3D-Coat v4.1]
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-05-09Quick Access hotkeys how can be changed ?
  00013981   [3D-Coat v4.1]
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-05-09To add Tif export file format option for Normal Map Texture Space
  0001316    [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-05-09Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  000112772 [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweakassigned (Andrew)2014-05-09Be able to work in 2.2 gamma
  0001036 1 [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-05-09Multilayer shader support
  00013401   [3D-Coat v4.1]
featurenew2014-05-09To add render preview to Sculpt and Paint Room
  00013062   [3D-Coat v4.1]
majorassigned2014-05-09When merge .3b file from voxtree, Image reference, lights and camera snapshot lost
  00011834   [3D-Coat v4.1]
featurenew2014-05-09Ability to save light setup that could load it in a different scene
  00007981   [3D-Coat v4.1]
minorassigned2014-05-09To lock sub-object and Material only works in 3D view. Can paint at texture editor.
  00012351   [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweakassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Before change sculpt modes, ask user to clean surface first
  000115316 [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Add controls to place the brush relative to the mesh surface (Imbed)
  00011043   [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Let presets be stored in folders
  000110224 [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Import Support for Multiple uv maps and multiple texture images
  0001099    [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Minimize Stretch
  0000970    [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09[SCRIPT] Add a Macro Recorder Option to Scripts Menu
  0000922    [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweakassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Hide option: show the selected region and hide the others in one step
  0000919    [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweakassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Smooth Brush won't use it's own stroke setting when activated using the shift key
  000091151 [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweakassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Moving Proxy Visualization to the bottom of the Vox Tree
  00009072   [3D-Coat v4.1]
minorassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09UV load and save bug in Retopo mode - '.mesh' and '.uv files' incompatibility
  00008861   [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Sandbox Tiler - Fill with Voxels
  0000830    [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Export model - add Reduction Tool Option preserving the UVset
  000077411 [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Render Passes
  0000773 3 [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Light Control Handles
  0000814    [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-05-09Export UVLayout to an SVG/EPS file
  0000813    [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned2014-05-09To add Procedural Painting
  0000032203 [3D-Coat v4]
Retopo room
featureresolved (Andrew)2014-05-09Retopo Groups Color Coding & Locking
  0001491    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
tweakassigned (Andrew)2014-05-01Colour Picker Navigation with images, when un-docked doesn't work
  0001490 1 [3D-Coat v4]
crashnew2014-04-28Memory trouble while importing .obj with large texturemap
  00002183   [3D-Coat v4]
featurenew2014-04-25HDRI - based Illumination
  00007872   [3D-Coat v4]
UV room
featurenew2014-04-25Symetrical UV packing
  00010922   [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
featurenew2014-04-25Add AO layer type and ability to export AO maps as a greyscale texture
  0001487    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
tweakassigned (Andrew)2014-04-25Drag & Drop Layer Masking
  0001486    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
tweakassigned (Andrew)2014-04-25Ability to use Voxel Shaders / Lit Sphere type shaders in standard UV Painting mode
  0001485    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-04-25Add brush stroke preview
  0001484    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-04-25Addition of a Glossiness channel would help a lot with texturing.
  0001481    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-04-25Layer Caching
  0001480    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-04-25Quick Save Buttons for different color channels
  0001478    [3D-Coat v4]
Sculpting with voxels (Voxel room)
majorassigned (Andrew)2014-04-24"Tree" Shader Textures do NOT Refresh in 3D View
  0001477 1 [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majorassigned (Andrew)2014-04-20Depth mode : Round edge artefact with imported brush
  00013542   [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
minorresolved (Andrew)2014-04-19Color Opacity Curve is not saved into Presets (PaintMode).
  0001476    [3D-Coat v4]
Retopo room
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-04-18Ctrl-Z in new UV Map
  00014751   [3D-Coat v4]
Sculpting with voxels (Voxel room)
crashresolved (Andrew)2014-04-18Some PicMat_ crash 3DC
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