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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00016342   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-09-30Support for allegorithmic Substances
  00016232   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-30Little arrow box menu when drawing either splines or 3dsplines gets in the way when drawing points.
  0001640    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpting with Live Clay (Sculpt room)
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-30Preset Hotkey activation not working when panel is hidden.
  0001639    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
minornew2014-09-30Ability to paint normals from material without intersections
  000163832 [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majornew2014-09-29Artifacts on edges in PaintRoom.
  0001637    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
featurenew2014-09-28Contrast to spec channel
  00006165   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Retopo room
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-09-28Possibility to create and manipulate nurbs surfaces and transform them to voxels
  00016361   [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-09-27Perspective Amount Control
  00016352   [3D-Coat v3.x]
featurenew2014-09-26angle depended brush - feature request
  00003418   [3D-Coat v4.1]
UV room
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-09-26UV Tool: Pin Selected/Unselected
  0001633 1 [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweaknew2014-09-25Preset Panel (and others) Alternating Color
  00016301   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
majorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-25Can't access some Sculpt Room Surface Tools
  0001632    [3D-Coat v4.1]
crashnew2014-09-24Loading a lightwave object with additional vertex maps causes crash
  0001631    [3D-Coat v4.1]
UV room
majornew2014-09-24Strange UV behavior with a model
  00015612   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Retopo room
majorassigned (ajz3d)2014-09-23Exporting retopo group to file doesn't preserve vertex normals
  000162911 [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-09-23Brush, Stroke & Strips Option
  0001578 1 [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
minorassigned (carlosa)2014-09-23Environment Shade not working properly
  0001628 2 [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-09-22Left Tool Panel Tabs
  0001248 1 [3D-Coat v4.1]
trivialassigned (Andrew)2014-09-22Floating windows can't be docked to the right side of the main toolbar
  00006471   [3D-Coat v4.1]
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-22Hide left panel in preferences should be "room based".
  000160231 [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (carlosa)2014-09-22Make Left Tool Panel dockable and resizable as another windows
  00009384   [3D-Coat v4.1]
minorassigned (carlosa)2014-09-22Define Measurement Units always open in millimeters, changes are not saved
  0001374    [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweakassigned (Andrew)2014-09-22scene scale and voxel units should remember state.
  00016063   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
minoracknowledged (carlosa)2014-09-22Surface noise generator explode the mesh.
  000048932 [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
minoracknowledged (Andrew)2014-09-22Preferences->Swap y and z does not work!
  000023732 [3D-Coat v4.1]
minoracknowledged (Andrew)2014-09-22SVG Files from Inkscape used as profiles do not work
  000160342 [3D-Coat v4.1]
crashassigned (Andrew)2014-09-22free trial and then crash
  000008412   [3D-Coat v4.1]
UV room
minorresolved (Andrew)2014-09-22"Hide selected faces" does not work in UV room
  00011248   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
tweaknew (Andrew)2014-09-19strokes initiated in the Texture Editor continue onto the mesh
  0001426    [3D-Coat v4.1]
trivialassigned (Andrew)2014-09-19Wrong ZOrder label in viewport
  0001459    [3D-Coat v4]
Sculpting on surface (Surface mode in Voxel room)
minorresolved (Andrew)2014-09-19Smooth botton opens Draw tool
  00001824   [3D-Coat v3.x]
UV room
minorresolved (Andrew)2014-09-19Adjusting brush size and intensity in UV room does not work.
  00002165   [3D-Coat v3.x]
tweakassigned (Andrew)2014-09-19Language errors in AppLinks
  00006873   [3D-Coat v3.x]
Paint room
crashresolved (Andrew)2014-09-19Import existing folder (materials) crashes 3dcoat
  0000482    [3D-Coat v3.x]
Retopo room
minorresolved (Andrew)2014-09-19Use previous set scan(baking parameters) depth when using "bake texture" function
  000157444 [3D-Coat v4.1]
majorresolved (Andrew)2014-09-19Multicore optimization is not working (multithreading)
  0000320    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-19Text Tool Presets Not Loading Correctly
  00016271   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
minornew2014-09-19Capsule primitive tool cap settings
  000162032 [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-174.1.16 When holding and then releasing Ctrl key while brushing with Fill tool the entire stroke is undone.
  0001626    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Paint room
crashnew2014-09-17Paint brush + vertex lasso crash
  00009649   [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweaknew2014-09-17Can we have QuickAccess menu by pressing the space bar key in the center of screen instead of mouse position?
  0001625    [3D-Coat v4]
Sculpting with voxels (Voxel room)
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-17Options panel jumps to the top with Constructor tool
  000091031 [3D-Coat v4.1]
tweakassigned (carlosa)2014-09-17Quick Access Floating Panel: add the option to change UI look to textual or iconic
  00014683   [3D-Coat v4.1]
featureassigned (Andrew)2014-09-17Quick Access Windows / spacebar menu is HUGE. Could be changed please ?
  000161461 [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2014-09-16Paint w/ Splines tool behaves oddly....
  00016181   [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
minorresolved (Andrew)2014-09-16Constructor Does not Clear Blocks in all modes
  0001624    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-15When making preset using spline/3dspline stroke mode,none of the "arrow box" options are stored in the tool.
  0001622    [3D-Coat v4.1]
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-15Tool options panel is missing from windows-popups we cant assign hotkey to it.
  0001621    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
minorassigned (Andrew)2014-09-15When switching to Render room and back to sculpt room, previously selected preset is unselected
  0001619    [3D-Coat v4.1]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
minornew2014-09-15Extruding with E key tools, doesn't obey vertex normal direction
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