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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001863    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majornew2015-05-224.5BETA19 'Refresh preview' for PBR materials saves new preview with the current viewport lighting instead of default
  0001876    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minornew2015-05-22External normal map cannot be modified
  000186071 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorassigned (Andrew)2015-05-22Texture Adjustment Hue/Sat/Lightness sometimes assign strange unwanted hue to some objects.
  000186631 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorassigned (Andrew)2015-05-22beta 20; Freeze on PBR shader in vertex paint mode is shown very weirdly
  000162911 [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureassigned (carlosa)2015-05-22Brush, Stroke & Strips Option
  0001647    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-05-22Bake scan settings - option to save / load
  00017641   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorassigned (Andrew)2015-05-22What happened to specularity (glossiness) blending modes ?
  0001831    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Render room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-05-22Lights won't show color in not real time preview
  00018731   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-22Color Swatches are not saved on Exit
  00018532   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-21Impossible to move/slect Gradient points if they are outside models (Fill tool-Gradient)
  0001875    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
featurenew2015-05-21Vertex attributes
  00018741   [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-214.5BETA20 3DC crashes when reset PBR material to factory defaults while PBR editor is open
  000187143 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with voxels (Sculpt room)
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-21Proxy/Cache-Issues when using pose tool
  000174821 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-20Layers | Layer will not refresh correctly after undo
  00018592   [3D-Coat v4]
Sculpting with voxels (Voxel room)
majorresolved (Tony Nemo)2015-05-20Reference Image Blocks Brush Action
  00018582   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featureresolved (Andrew)2015-05-20Add options to save, save as, cancel for pbr material editor.
  0001872 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
majornew2015-05-20Models/Objects off center and tiny when using "On Brush" tool.
  00018701   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-20Viewport Panel lights not updating in realtime
  000186711 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-20Destroyed textures when using smooth
  00018691   [3D-Coat v4.5]
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-20Trial version still unresolved
  00018681   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-20Standard lighting doesn't work for low-poly objects
  0000705202 [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-05-17Painting past UV Shells/Bleeding
  0001605    [3D-Coat v4.5]
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-16Start Menu Popup (Shift+M) create new proyect but is not delete the current one
  000166831 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-15Delete Hidden is not working -the low placed duplicated command-
  00018201   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-15Freeze Degree isn't pressure sensitive.
  0001730    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-05-15FILL tool's Fill with Freeze - preview dont work
  000186112 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-144.5BETA18 Lasso brush painting is not working on back side when symmetry is enabled while painting in frontal projection
  00018651   [3D-Coat v4.5]
UV room
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-144.5BETA19 Redundant program dialog windows
  00017146   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-14sampler tool doesn't pick glossines and metallnes values.
  0001850101 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-05-14hide freeze don't work in smooth shade mode
  0001864 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with Live Clay (Sculpt room)
featurenew2015-05-13Draw over plane during command "Cut Off"
  00018072   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
tweaknew2015-05-12Improvements to Hue/Sat/Brightness adjustment
  00018141   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-12Move tool in sculpt room causes viewport flickering
  000180652 [3D-Coat v4.5]
crashresolved (Andrew)2015-05-12Cancelling import for PPP window (through "Start screen") will freeze and crash 3D-Coat.
  0001553    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Render room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-05-12Hide visual guides ON/OFF - its not working if sculpt room is empty
  0001862    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
featurenew2015-05-124.5BETA19 Need ability to drag and drop image files into PBR Editor and Color Pallete
   00018563   [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-05-10Camera parameters: getters and setters + more
  00018095   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with Live Clay (Sculpt room)
minornew2015-05-10LC general brush - On Plane option RMB click conflict
  0001857    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featurenew2015-05-10Ability to copy/paste options to pbr material editor settings
  00015215   [3D-Coat v4]
majornew2015-05-08"Paint with Rectangle/Circle/etc" paint modes often have no effect
  000173162 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-08Noise tool: if Realtime Preview is on... after press apply the settings are applied twice
  000180551 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-08"More on Flat" and "More on Curved" conditions are not working
  00017114   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-08Using conditions by flat or curved surface gives 0 effect on painted object
  00018541   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with voxels (Sculpt room)
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-07UNDO issues with "Cut & Clone" tool
  00018551   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
crashresolved (Andrew)2015-05-07Color Picker Crash
  00016938   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorfeedback (Andrew)2015-05-05(Vertex painting) Glossiness permanently lost when when toggling paint layer visibility
  00018491   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-03Stencil UV-Mapping projection working as Cube mapping
  00018521   [3D-Coat v4.5]
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-05-03"Modulate Tapering with pen pressure" setting is not stored into presets
  0001851 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with voxels (Sculpt room)
featurenew2015-04-29Undercuts new option - parting line setup
  000172831 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-04-29Add metalness ball icon for toggling painting with metalness
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