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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00019433   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-07-04Autoretopo params - add the option to save / load preset settings
  0001942 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
majorassigned (Andrew)2015-07-04Autoretopo params accept any value > no range limits if user write the values
  0001941 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-07-04Auto-density influence multiplier has no effect
  000194011 [3D-Coat v4.5]
minorresolved (Andrew)2015-07-04Several issues with UI functions.
  000190532 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majornew2015-07-02Turning individual channels of Smart Materials off only hides them from the UI
  0001939    [3D-Coat v4]
minornew2015-07-02Mantis Product Version pulldown extremely out of date
  0001938    [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majornew2015-07-02Spacing not working in Spline Paint Tool
  000188111 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featurenew2015-07-01Color picker outside of its windows
  000116671 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featurenew2015-06-30Toggle on/off visibility for tiling in Texture UV Editor
  0001937    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majornew2015-06-30Smudge/Pinch/Expand have no effect
  0001935    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-30Multiple UV maps on single object
  00019273   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with voxels (Sculpt room)
blocknew2015-06-28Imported meshes change dimension size constantly.
  0001934    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Render room
featurenew2015-06-28spherical render
  000192922 [3D-Coat v4]
Sculpting with voxels (Voxel room)
majornew2015-06-28constructor tool gaps
  000193211 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-28Need groups in retopo
  0001933    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
minornew2015-06-28Overlapping UVs showing seams
  00019222   [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureresolved (Andrew)2015-06-27need to get instance layer transform in script form
  00019131   [3D-Coat v4.5]
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-06-27Trial version expired with 25 days left.
  00019261   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
crashresolved (Andrew)2015-06-27Uncovered a repeatable crash due to user error...
  0001931 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-27Scale and units information on display
  0001766    [3D-Coat v4.5]
majornew2015-06-27Absolute Scale/Measurements Tool to rescale models for 3D Printing
  0000773 3 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Render room
featureassigned (carlosa)2015-06-26Light Control Handles
  00017702   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorfeedback (Andrew)2015-06-26Adjust light angle not moving
  0001930    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-24A plug-in Gmic_3D-Coat, to bring G'MIC capabilities to the image retouching
  0001928 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majornew2015-06-23artifacts created when painting across seams and center axis symmetry is mirrored across.
  000106013   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-23Soft/Gradient Selection
  000105812   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-23Hotkey Edge Loop/Ring Selection & Dot Loop/Ring
  000105715   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-23Hold SHIFT to extrude edges, when using TRANSFORM TOOL
  000114155 [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-23A unified Outliner to replace the currently fractured data management
  00015711   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-22Contours functionality to the Strokes Tool
  0001587 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
featureassigned (farsthary)2015-06-22A Group Manager to allow to use the groups as layers.
  0001925 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-06-21Pick a color under my cursor when selecting a color in the Smart Material Properties
  00010593   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureresolved (farsthary)2015-06-20Shell Modifier/Tool
  000103015   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureresolved (farsthary)2015-06-20Please add a Shell modifier/tool in the Retopo Room
  0001924 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with Live Clay (Sculpt room)
minornew2015-06-19General Live Clay brush presets bug
  0001923    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
featurenew2015-06-15ability to override voxel conversion factor
  000105613   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-14Bridge Selected Edges
  000157013 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-14to create polysurfaces: let draw strokes "on empty canvas", not limited to "over a volume"
  0001921    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
featurenew2015-06-13semiautomatic Relief generation
  00016821   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-13Vector Texture Maps
  00009186   [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-13Layer0 - by default to make it locked and rename it to Mesh Layer
  00019112   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorfeedback (Andrew)2015-06-13Drag and drop is not working anymore
  0001920 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-06-13If i apply reset symmetry, 3DC close with no warning
  000145312 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-06-13If virtual mirror is on, retopo done in objects with no symmetry placed in left side disappear.
  0001919 2 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-06-13Sym Copy refuses to copy whole layer
  000108991 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featureassigned (Andrew)2015-06-11RGB Automap Islands Bake from your highpoly model (Color ID map)
  0001918 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featurenew2015-06-10Quick Panel popup window update and improvements
  0001917 2 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
featurenew2015-06-09Brush tool: surface connectivity mode
  0001916 2 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
featurenew2015-06-09Sculpt room tools: surface connectivity mode
  0001915 1 [3D-Coat v4]
minornew2015-06-094.5.03 'Passive Tab Color' has no effect on tabs color in 3DC Edit/Preferences/Theme
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