Our voice

We realize a powerful tool like 3D-Coat could be used to create beautiful works of art to inspire and bring joy, or works intended to spread evil by, for example, rousing dissolute thoughts and hurting families, or spreading hatred and denigrating people, provoking aggression. As a mostly Christian team, we cite Jesus Christ, who says, "It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to him through whom they come!" (Luke 17,1-2) God's law treats hatred as murder and lust as adultery, and we are worried about the fate of a society in which depravity is often the norm. That's why, as the creators of 3D-Coat, we ask you consider and respect our principles, which we suppose are not unique to Christians but held also by many others concerned about society's moral state.

To be sure, evil thoughts and sexual immorality issue from within, from one's heart, and are in part beyond one's control. We have found Christ really helps with this when we repent and give Him our hearts.

Nevertheless, as the creators of 3D-Coat, we ask you not use this program to create works promoting vice, images that intended to provoke dissolute thoughts or hatred against others. We believe we are each responsible for everything we do and must ask ourselves whether we better this world or make it worse. Let us endeavor to use our creativity to better ourselves and our society.

We cannot--and do not want to!--control your creative activities. This is a personal appeal and not a legal demand. We realize some people may be offended by this appeal, which could impact sales, but our conscience demands it of us. Thank you for understanding.

Respectfully yours,

The Staff of Pilgway

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