Our voice

Hi friends,

We thank you for your interest in 3D-Coat, for your support of us in any manner. Without your interest and support there would be neither 3D-Coat nor our company.

Please, don’t take us as nerd, but we would like to share with you what we believe is important and what lies beyond the plain business relationships. We would like to simply share our thoughts on responsibility and on what we consider as important in life. 

When we published the first version of 3D-Coat we asked ourselves - what is our responsibility as the creators and what for the program may be used? It was a serious question for us - we realize a powerful tool like 3D-Coat could be used to create beautiful works of art to inspire and bring joy, or works that provoke hatred, aggression, addiction or carnality. We are mostly Christian team, so this question was especially sharp for us because we know that God's law treats hatred as murder and infidelity in mind as real adultery, and consequences of our sins influence the whole life. We are worried about the fate of a society in which depravity is often the norm. Could we change anything?? We develop 3D-Coat for the sake of helping people to be creative, so that could make the world better. But it can deteriorate people as well. That's why, as the creators of 3D-Coat, we ask you to use 3D-Coat with responsibility - how it influences other people and society. Let us endeavour to use our creativity to better ourselves and people around!

Of course, such a statement could provoke many questions – the first of which would be – does God exist at all? 

Three guys from our team are professional physicists. Andrew, the Lead Developer of 3D-Coat wrote an article on quantum electrodynamics when on his fourth year of studies. He graduated in Theoretical Physics which helped on multiple occasions with the program development, in particular when creating the auto-retopology (AUTOPO) algorithm. Stas, Financial Director, also graduated from the Physics department together with Andrew, then became a PhD in Theor. Physics only to continue giving lectures on Statistical Physics in the Kiev National University as a hobby. Vladimir, our Web Developer also graduated from the Physics Department in Astronomy. We as many very smart and famous scientists found that science and God's existence do not contradict each other. The science answers the question "How?", and the Bible answers the question "Why?". If I throw a stone, it will fly along the given trajectory. Physics explains how it is going to fly. But Why? That question is beyond the science – because I threw it.   

Also the variety of extremely complex living beings from amoeba to humans instigates a thought about the Creator’s existence – if you found a watch in the desert, someone had created it.  

It is fascinating to know that the most popular article ever on Wall Street Journal on-line is “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God”.

And, of course, there is a purpose of the creation and a purpose of your personal existence. Please watch this short video which explains it.

Life is not an easy thing, you know. We do good and we do bad. When we do bad we feel that in conscience. And it’s hard to live with bad feelings inside and without the answer to the basic human questions like: where I am from, what will be after the death..? If I feel bad for my actions in my soul, and if my soul really exists (many people see their bodies in clinical death) it is reasonable to believe that I will feel the same after the death, and the Bible says even more…

We tried different things, but the fact that Christ died for our sins and forgave everything, touched us personally. In some sense we felt grace of God when repented in our sins and that grace continues to support us in life. We understand that feelings of son in parable about the prodigal son: (“For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.”)

And we are happy with that now. That’s true. And we would be happy if you may feel that as well!

Respectfully yours,

The Staff of Pilgway

If you are interested, you may read the personal story of Andrew Shpagin here