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Official 3D-Coat Tutor is a status we are happy to provide to individuals  interested in sharing their experience of 3D-Coat, willing to teach people and thus become the supporter of 3D-Coat around the globe.

Our very special offer to reward Tutors for their dedicated effort is a unique reseller discount of 28% on 3D-Coat Professional version (i.e. $273 compared to current $379 full price). This allows our Tutors not only to spread the message about 3D-Coat, but also receive financial benefits for the effort.

In order to apply, we require candidates to have competent knowledge of 3D-Coat and be willing to carry out systematic teaching (tutors are required to submit periodic reports of their tutorial activity) as well as have their own copy of 3D-Coat. 

If you are willing to apply for Tutor's position, send us an email describing your 3D-Coat experience and your tutorial planning at

We will be happy to have your name listed on our Official Tutors page and provide you the Certificate of your status. So, join in!

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