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Buy 3D-Coat 4.5 Professional -$100 off one day to end

Here you can buy 3D-Coat version 4.5 and make Upgrade to V4.5 to use all its functions inaccessible in the demo. Once accomplished, the sales are final. We are unable to provide refunds for any reason.

3D-Coat 4.5, Full Professional version is currently sold at  price of $379Floating license at $568while Educational version - at $99*. Upgrade from Full Professional per seat license to Floating license is offered at $189. Upgrade to V4 is offered at  $99 We offer volume discount pricing for  Full Professional and Floating license.

The policy on the 3D-Coat Educational version have been changed. We offer 3D-Coat to students, hobbyists and amateurs pursuing non-commercial goals, so as senior people and unemployed at $99 US.

If you are a university or a school representative please come here.

Limitation of Education version:
1) no commercial usage
2) textures size to export is limited to 2048x2048
3) layers amount is limited to 7

The recommended program activation procedure:
- download and install the demo version of 3D-Coat
- choose the version to purchase and render the payment accordingly. Make sure you fill all the payment forms carefully
- The Serial Number will be sent to your e-mail within several minutes

A Serial Number is bound to a single user. Nobody else can use the Software on your computers. If you are a private individual, you may install and use the Software maximum on three computers - on one office computer and on two your personal home computers, provided that you do not use the Software simultaneously on more than one computer.

Sometimes the Software will connect to the Pilgway's web-based server to check simultaneous use of the software on a computer. No private information will be transferred, except for the serial number authentication. Pilgway's web-based server will prohibit the work of the Software in case several computers simultaneously use the Software with one serial number. In case of repeated simultaneous use of the same serial number on several computers the serial number and the normal work of the Software will be permanently blocked.

The same serial number authentication will be made between the computers connected into a local area network.

For customers:
If you forget your Serial Number, you can remind it here
You can change your Registration email here

*For users from EU VAT is not included in Price.

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