Unity 3D Applink Installation


1. Unzip the archive.

2. Install the AppLink_Vxxx.unitypackage as usual.

Usage (AppLink):

In Unity choose the mesh (GameObject with MeshFilter on it) you want to edit in 3D-Coat, then run AppLink UI by choosing 3D-Coat AppLink from the AppLink menu. Select 3D-Coat identifier from the dropdown (PerPixel Painting, MicroVertex Painting, UV Mapping etc.) and hit "Send to 3D-Coat" button. Choose the name and save your .OBJ in prefered location.

Start 3D-Coat application (or switch to 3D-Coat if it's started earlier), "import object" dialog will pop up, set your options, hit OK and edit imported mesh to your heart content. 

When done, hit File -> Open in original app in 3D-Coat main menu. Now switch back to Unity, run AppLink and select "Get from 3D-Coat" button to bring edited mesh with textures created in 3D-Coat back to Unity 3D. You can repeat the whole process as many times as needed.

Usage (Auto AppLink):

Now you can send meshes to Unity straight from 3D-Coat, by using File -> Export to -> Unity. Unity will be started if needed and mesh will appear in the scene automatically, but you should choose the root of your Unity project's "Assets" folder as .OBJ save location when doing File -> Export to -> Unity, otherwise it won't work.


Before using Auto AppLink by using File -> Export to -> Unity, you should run "Normal" AppLink at least once from inside Unity, so it could create needed files for the Auto AppLink functionality.


Unity does not supports 16-bit TIF files, so choose 8-bit PNG/TGA/BMP or 32-bit EXR as a displacement format. There is no "standard" displacement mapping feature similar to displacement in 3D packages, AFAIK, so if you're exporting displacement from 3D-Coat i am applying it as a paralax/height map in Unity.


Unity has the limit of 65K vertices per single mesh, so don't try to export hi-poly meshes to Unity. Also try to keep 1 UV set per mesh (or 2 UV sets if you're going to do lightmapping), remember that Unity is a Game Engine and not usual 3D package, so Hi-Poly meshes with multiple UV sets and multiple textures per mesh wont work.