Modo Applink Installation


1. Run Modo-AppLink.exe.

2. Restart modo.

After restarting you can add AppLink button to modo, by duplicating one of the existing buttons, (Horizontal Toolbars / modo Modes / Vertices) for example. You can do it by choosing System -> Form Editor from the menu, then hitting "Find Form" button and selecting Vertices selection mode button. You'll see Vertices item highlited in Form Editor, Right Click ->Duplicate on this item.
Now rename duplicated item to 3DC AppLink, remove all text from 'command' field, enter this text instead and hit 'Return': @3dc_applink.lxm
Choose custom icon, you should have 3dc_applink.png icon in your Luxology\Scripts folder.


In modo, select object(s) you want to edit in 3D-Coat, run AppLink UI via created button or by entering @3dc_applink.lxm in the 'command' field in the bottom-right of the modo UI, choose 3D-Coat Export Type and hit 'Export to 3D-Coat' button. Choose the name and location of the file and set file type to .obj.

Run 3D-Coat (or bring the focus to it's window if 3D-Coat was started earlier), a dialog with options based on your 'Export Type' selection in AppLink script should pop up. Set needed options, hit 'OK' and edit imported mesh to your heart content, using 3D-Coat's rich features for Texture Painting, UV Editing, Retopo and Sculpting. When done, select File -> Open in Originall App from 3D-Coat main Menu.

Now go back to modo, hit 'Import from 3D-Coat' button to bring edited mesh with textures and maps created in 3D-Coat back to modo, shaders will be created and texture maps assigned to the correct shader effects (displacement, normals, specular and color).
You can repeat the whole process as many times as needed.