Artists and designers are always looking for solutions which give them a time and quality advantage in performing their work.  Most professionals also realize that they need to incorporate several tool sets into their pipeline to produce the results they require.

3D-Coat has always provided a unique set of tools which give artists and designers this edge, introducing new and streamlined methods of 3D model production - from sculpting solutions to topographic, UV mapping, texturing and 3D painting techniques found nowhere else in the industry.

Now, 3D-Coat provides instant links to all major 3D applications - through Applink Connection Plugins - making your workflow faster, more efficient and trouble free. Use all of the tools that 3D-Coat provides while constantly keeping your content updated in its host application. No more cumbersome workarounds, unending dialogs or incomplete files. 

Tie all of your work together, seamlessly, with 3D-Coat's Applink Connection Plugins.


If you want to make your own AppLink - use the specifications