What's New In 3D-Coat V3.5?


- Revolutionary to the Industry! Auto-retopology, (AUTOPO), with user defined guides for accurate edge loops. Use a convenient wizard to help you identify desired areas of mesh density and to define the flow of edge loops.

- Non-connected objects are supported.

- Import you objects directly for AUTOPO from the "File/Import" menu. It will automatically close holes, convert to voxels, and create a practical, organized mesh.

- AUTOPO automatically cleans up any non-manifold topology to avoid any subsequent problems.

- Total number of triangles, quads and n-gons are visible in the Retopo Room. Each polygon type can be individually selected, for clarification and identification.

- Vertex picking in retopo room has been improved.

Voxel Sculpting:

- Multi-resolution sculpting for voxels has been completed! It has been optimized for multi-core processing. You can now decimate an object, modify the low-poly mesh and combine both low and high frequency details. Voxel multi-resolution is superior to other polygonal implementations which only allow a return to the initial polycount - our process allows decimation to any level of resolution.

- Multi-threaded merge. The merging procedure was rewritten almost from scratch to be scalable. It works much faster, consumes very little memory and produces a higher quality mesh.

- New tool to fill inner holes in voxel objects. Holes create problems during AUTOPO execution, baking operations and snapping.

- New 3D models preview in Merge/Spline tools, plus BIG library of primitives from Tinker!

Watch demo video (by Tinker):

You may download Tinker's pack here

After downloading please choose File->Install Extension and select downloaded package.

- New and useful item in VoxTree RMB menu - Merge visible.

- Cut&Clone with/without symmetry will clone child objects too.

- Merge tool in "On pen" mode got very handy improvement - depth value of pen will be treated as depth of penetration of merged object to the surface.


UV Tools:

- Support of multiple UV sets management in UV room. You may change UV set of any face, add UV-set, remove unused UV-set. New UV stuff will work in both – per-pixel and microvertex mode.

- New function allowing the smoothing of UV island edges with a brush stroke.

- New buttons in UV tool - Restore UV and Auto Scale (read hints).

- Unwrapping of big meshes in UV tool improved - much better stability and speed of unwrap.


- New, very important option in export settings – Perform coarsing! It is inverse to subdivision. If you export low-poly mesh with this option 3D-Coat will "sharpen" mesh in such way that in your 3D-package you will get same model as mid-poly in 3D-Coat after subdivision with Catmull-Clark. It is absolutely important if you want to get displacement and low-poly mesh as result. If you export displacement and low-poly mesh, import in your package, subdivide mesh, apply displacement and get same result as in 3DC.

- Painting over disconnected objects with several types of picking is now implemented! Now you may choose the style of picking:


- Improved Ptex export/import. Ptex is beginning to be used in more and more 3D applications. Ptex export/import will work much faster, mipmaps are supported too. Support of export/import Ptex vector displacement. You may export absolute positions too. It allows interaction with Mudbox because it supports Ptex vector displacement.

- Falloff now works properly with the Eraser Tool.

- New function that allows adjustment of texture size. Useful if you want to export Ptex as usual model+texture. It is in change local res tool.

- New check box in Ptex export/import menu "Flip Ptex quads" for better compatibility with Renderman.

- Support of picking color from the clipboard. In this way you may pick color from Photoshop and Leigh's reference image app. If clipboard has 6 hexadecimal digits 3D-Coat will treats it as a color.

- New option in baking dialog "Don't snap subdivided vertices" to get very smooth mesh on layer 0 and good displacement on other layers.


Other Changes:

- VoxTree/Shaders will be accessible in Retopo and Render room.

- Possibility to upload turntables automatically in a very easy way.

- New option in import dialog - "Don't center bounding box" to avoid loosing symmetry of imported object if it is only partially symmetrical.

- Possibility to change the color of the wireframe (preferences).

- Retopo mesh will be optionally shown in render room to help in making demo reels.

- Improved gizmo used in Transform and Retopo to avoid contradiction between moving gizmo in screen space and rotation of the scene.

- Countless bugfixes and stability improvements.


Even more detailed list of changes you may find here

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We hope you enjoy this new release!

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